About Big Eyes



Rena Chheang is a Cambodian painter and photographer at BigEyes Fotography. She started BigEyes Fotography in 2012 with the hopes of capturing more than just images. She intentionally captures moments to reflect the memories and personalities – a mother’s soft smile, a gentle embrace of a father and his children – of her subjects and creates paintings that speak from her heart. Inspired by love, romance and family structure, these themes echo in her artwork and attitude towards her work.

Her first painting exhibition was in 2014 and ever since then she has held six solo exhibitions and two group exhibitions. She has appeared on the Phnom Penh Post, the Cambodian Daily, Khmer Times, AsiaLife Cambodia May 2018 issue, Forward Magazine June 2018 issue, and Sovran Magazine July 2018 issue.

Thank you so much for visiting her site!


1 Comment

  1. Becca riopelle

    Rena !!! So freakin proud of you ! Sorry I know you started it years ago but .. still proud of you ❤️

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