“The Standing Rubble” Art Exhibition


“The Mansion” 80/120 cm ($400)
“The Post Office” 80/120 cm ($400)
“Central Market” 80/120 cm ($400)
“The Palace” 80/120 cm ($400)
“The Library” 80/120 cm ($400)
“Chaktomouk Hall” 80/120 cm ($400)

“The Mansion” depicts the wealth in Cambodia. “The Post Office” built during the French Colonial period, was the focal point of all posts and telecommunications. “Central Market”, built in 1937, represents the height of commerce; when it was first open to the public it was known as “the biggest market in Asia”. “The Palace” points to the strong leadership of the Monarchs and the religious idealism within this country. “The Library” designed by a Cambodian architect, Vann Molyvann, (also known as the man who built Cambodia) represents the height of education and learning. “The Theater” explores the progress of art and culture. These six buildings are standing memorials of what the country was and can become. They are the pinnacle of wealth, relations, commerce, religion, education, and art. The beauties they hold give hope to generations of Cambodians who have been working hard to rebuild.

Read more about it in The Cambodia Daily: https://www.cambodiadaily.com/culture/ruin-to-riches-weighs-developments-double-edged-sword-103260

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