“Paradise Within” Art Exhibit

The Mind Is Its Own Place
Acrylic on Canvas
40 X 60 cm.

“The mind is its own place, and in itself
Can make a Heav’n of Hell, a Hell of Heav’n.”
(PL 1. 254-255)

World of Waters
Oil on Canvas
80 X 80 cm.

“At the voice of God,
as with a Mantle didst invest
The rising world of waters dark and deep,
Won from the void and formless infinite.”
(PL 3. 9-12)

Oil Pestel on Canvas
40 X 40 cm.

“Solitude is sometimes best societie.”
(PL 9. 249)

Plant Eyes
Acrylic on Canvas
90 X 30 cm.
Available ($120.00)

“So much the rather thou Celestial light
Shine inward, and the mind through all her powers
Irradiate, there plant eyes, all mist from thence
Purge and disperse, that I may see and tell
Of things invisible to mortal sight.”
(PL 3. 51-55)

This Darkness Light
Acrylic on Canvas
90 X 50 cm.
Available ($180.00)

“This horror will grow milde, this darkness light”
(PL 2. 220)

How Good, How Faire
Oil Pestel on Canvas
90 X 80 cm.
Available ($280.00)

“How it shew’d
In prospect from his throne, how good, how faire.”
(PL 7.555-556)

Contrite Heart
Oil on Canvas
70 X 100 cm.

“Before him reverent, and there confess
Humbly our faults, and pardon beg, with fears
Watering the ground, and with our sighs the Air
Frequenting, sent from hearts contrite, in sign
Of sorrow unfeign’d and humiliation meek.”
(PL 10. 1086-1104)

One Flesh
Acrylic on Canvas
80 X 120 cm.

“Our state cannot be severed, we are one,
One flesh; to lose thee were to loose my self.”
(PL 9. 958-959)

Paradise Within
Acrylic on Canvas
100 X 70 cm.
Available ($220)

“To leave this Paradise, but shalt possess
A Paradise within thee, happier farr.”
(PL 12. 586-587)

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